Aliya Orr sees her artistic practice as β€˜a way in’. Exploring altered states of consciousness, her work references cross cultural and traditional practices as methods to traverse the boundaries of ordinary experience. Her work is output across a diverse range of media, including installations, performance, sculpture, collage and video. By using live, physical media such as wind and vibration, she seeks to expand the possibilities of everyday sensation by seeking out new ways to touch the invisible. Her nomadic and religious background position her in a world of her own making, cross-contextual and cross-cultural, actively questioning the systems of belief that define her and exploring her own contradictions as a way of merzing, Kurt Schwitters term for a transformation of self through the merging of art and life. Inspired by artists of the Light and Space movement, such as Robert Irwin, Orr explores ways technology, light and digital fabrication methods can be used to enhance engagements with the body, nature and public space, to create experiential interventions, open windows onto the magic of the everyday.